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Sony filed a patent back in the spring for a new controller, one that combines the duelshock we know and love with the Wiimote-esque PS move controller. It was approved today.

The controller itself is in the shape of a duelshock, but can split in half via magnets and become the two PS move controllers. The top has an orb for each half, just like the regular move controller. This would be good for games that use both, because you wouldn’t have to switch at all. Just tap a switch and pull apart. That is pretty neat-o if you ask me (but very, very weird at the same time). We don’t know if this is for the Playstation 3, it may be for the rumored Playstation 4.

Keep in mind that this may not actually happen. A patent is just that, after all. It wouldn’t be the first time a company has patented an idea and never used it. Check out this image for the patent below.

Crazy-Rad PS3 Move Controller

Following a leak, 343i and Microsoft have released more details about Halo 4’s first map pack, including footage of the maps themselves and a release date. The Crimson Map Pack holds three maps for us to kill each other to death on.

The first, Shatter, is a large symmetrical map designed for big team games. It’s perfect for vehicle combat, dominion, and a new to matchmaking gametype, extraction.

Harvest is a small to mid sized map ideal for slayer and objective games, especially Capture the Flag.

The final one, Wreckage, is a medium, asymmetrical frag fest great for King of the Hill, Oddball, and Capture the Flag.

The Crimson Map Pack is the first release for the $25 season pass out of three releases. It will cost $10, but will be free for season pass holders and limited edition owners. Look forward to landing some familiar headshots in unfamiliar territory on December 10th, 2012. Also, check for info on the Majestic Map Pack and the Castle Map Pack in February and April, respectively.


Okay, it’s not a surprise. We all saw this coming. But, hey, nothing wrong with officials telling us so. To summarize, in an with IGN, Iwata said, and I quote, “We will announce the launch schedules for new 3D Zelda and Mario games in the future, but this is not the right opportunity for me to indicate when we will make such announcements.”

So really, nothing we didn’t know, but for all you fans out there, don’t fear, they are working on bringing the two biggest N games to the Wii U soon! I can honestly see a new Mario being unveiled at E3 2013, as well as a Wii U Zelda being shown in early 2014 (seeing as Skyward Sword came out a little over a year ago).

When we know more, you can be sure to see it here.

The Binding of Issac is a fan favorite by Edmund McMillen, co-creator of Super Meat Boy. Back in August we heard that McMillen was working on getting a console version of the game, even after all the annoying business stuff he and Tommy Refenes had to go through with Microsoft back when they released Super Meat Boy. This is cool, because McMillen originally said “Never again”, but it seems now that he is willing too so long as the publisher he goes through does all the business work.

As of now, they are going to be published by Nicalis (Cave Story), and the enhanced port will be called “The Binding of Issac: Rebirth.” BoI: Rebirth is going to include local multiplayer as well as revamped graphics. It also offers the expansion Wrath of the Lamb as well as a second, unnamed expansion.

We aren’t sure what platform Rebirth will be on at this time, but McMillen and Nicalis are looking at Sony, Nintendo, and even Microsoft again. McMillen is open to portables, so it might end up on the 3DS eShop or the PS Vita Marketplace. Check here for more news in February when it’s said to arrive.

A Best Buy listing indicated that a new game featuring Mario’s dinosaur friend, Yoshi, may be on the way to the Wii U. Yoshi’s Land was listed with the following description:

“Take Yoshi on an epic adventure to remember in Yoshi Land for Nintendo Wii U. Check out Yoshi as you’ve never seen him before: in glorious high definition. Enjoy dual-screen control thanks to the Wii U Touchscreen GamePad, while you’ll also be able to experience full integration with Nintendo’s MiiVerse service.”

Last week we were given the name “Yoshi’s Land” through a hack on the Miiverse, along with Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evils, and Soul Hackers.

More details when we receive them.

Details have leaked about Bungie’s new game, Destiny. Destiny is apparently the official name of Bungie’s next game. We used to think that was a development title, but according to the leaked information and images, it seems very official. Furthermore, Destiny is going to be on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. It’s rumored to be released on Xbox first, but this is just a rumor.

Destiny is said to take place in 2712, or about seven hundred years in the future. Our species is fading and ruins of Humanity’s Golden Age are scattered all around the Solar System. A giant alien space craft, apparently called “the Traveler”, orbits the Earth as it’s protector. No one knows what the Traveler wants or why it is protecting us. Young ‘Knights’, as the soldiers seem to be called, are tasked with fighting off Alien Monsters that are trying to take over the Last City on Earth.

Destiny’s gameplay details have not yet emerged, however, it is stated to be “fun and accessible to all” with Bungie’s goal to be age-friendly like the Star Wars universe. Last year, Bungie called it an MMO, after which they declined it and stated “that was a joke.”

Destiny had 11 pictures leaked, and 1 officially revealed. The official one is right below.

Bungie's Official Image

To see the rest of the images, check out this imgur page where a kind Redditor compiled them for us. >Here<

Less than one year after launching as a subscription-based boxed product, Star Wars: The Old Republic will add a free-to-play option November 15. Publisher Electronic Arts confirmed the date today in a tweet.

Those who jump into BioWare’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game next week will be able to play as any of the game’s eight classes, though some races will be limited. Players will be able to advance to the game’s current level cap of 50, but some of the content along the way will either be restricted, including some travel options or the number of player-versus-player warzones gamers can join in a given time, or outright closed off, such as the game’s raid-like Operations. These restrictions can be lifted either with microtransactions or subscriptions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic free-to-play Nov. 15 –

Bethesda told us DLC was coming, but now it’s got solid details. Not only that, but it’s priced at $5, and dated for December 11, 2012. Dunwall City Trials is the first out of three DLCs we can expect to see from Dishonored, bringing players ten new trial maps to perfect their skills. There will be new Achievements/Trophies as well as global leaderboards for bragging rights. Sounds like it may be worth the investment.

Bethesda also told us that the next two DLCs will be story-driven. Exciting! We’ll report when more details arise.

Today Nintendo came out of the dark with a little surprise for everybody. A new model of the Wii is coming out on December 7th 2012. It was a rumor after appearing on, but only for a short time as Nintendo decided to spill the beans. It comes in red and black and is priced at $99. The weirdest thing about this, is that it’s Canadian exclusive as of right now. Sadly, the Wii Mini is not backwards compatible and does not support Wi-Fi. This model is designed specifically as a family-friendly device (more so than the Wii already is) and is an attempt at being cheap, but getting the job done. Will we be seeing this console Stateside soon? Possibly. I’ll update if it’s revealed.

That, and Maine is pretty much Canada, so it kind of pertains to us.

Wii Mini