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Next time someone tells you to put the game down and come to dinner or bed tell them that:

  • They can improve motor skills
  • They can relieve pain
  • They can improve eyesight
  • They help you make faster decisions
  • They can tackle mental illnesses

Video games: they’re addictive, they make kids fat and they turn us all into trained murderers. Or, at least, that’s what we’re often told. But what of the positive effects of video games? Surely there must be some?

Yep, there are. Plenty, in fact.

via 5 Reasons Video Games Are Actually Good for You – IGN.

About damn time. Now if only some other well known games would follow suit.

We have listened to feedback, and since June last year our policy for all of PC games is that we only require a one-time online activation when you first install the game, and from then you are free to play the game offline.

via Ubisoft Officially Ditches Always-On PC DRM – IGN.

What would you consider a revolution in computer hardware? Is there anything that you think could be improved on?

Valve Software has just revealed a bit more about its apparent intention to jump from gaming software to computer hardware: a job posting for an industrial designer noticed by CVG states that the company is “frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space” and that Valve is “jumping in” to fill a “void in the marketplace.”

via Valve is “jumping in” to the computer hardware market | Ars Technica.