The Binding of Issac is a fan favorite by Edmund McMillen, co-creator of Super Meat Boy. Back in August we heard that McMillen was working on getting a console version of the game, even after all the annoying business stuff he and Tommy Refenes had to go through with Microsoft back when they released Super Meat Boy. This is cool, because McMillen originally said “Never again”, but it seems now that he is willing too so long as the publisher he goes through does all the business work.

As of now, they are going to be published by Nicalis (Cave Story), and the enhanced port will be called “The Binding of Issac: Rebirth.” BoI: Rebirth is going to include local multiplayer as well as revamped graphics. It also offers the expansion Wrath of the Lamb as well as a second, unnamed expansion.

We aren’t sure what platform Rebirth will be on at this time, but McMillen and Nicalis are looking at Sony, Nintendo, and even Microsoft again. McMillen is open to portables, so it might end up on the 3DS eShop or the PS Vita Marketplace. Check here for more news in February when it’s said to arrive.