It’s been a while since I’ve posted, with it being the end of the school semester. I’ll be jumping back on the daily news train soon.

I would like to say, however, the terrible event of last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School is something that irks all of us. Remember, this isn’t about whether or not violence in games caused this tragedy, nor is it about whether we need more gun control or not. Take a moment to look at where you are right now, and make sure you’re not living in regret.

This awful tragedy is something we must learn from, and that starts with yourself. Take time to think before you act.

To those who lost their lives last week – Rest in Peace

A new trailer was shown at the VGAs for a mysterious and lightly discussed title called “The Phantom Pain.” Is this just Kojima messing with us? The evidence is there.

The trailer:

The Phantom Pain by milkandmolasses

The Evidence:

The Logo is hidden –

Volgin? –
Following the words “Open your eyes” Volgin appears?

Moby Dick Studios is Konami in disguise? –

Joakim (creator of Moby Dick Studios) is an anagram of Kojima?

>Check out even more evidence on the Neogaf here<

Next time someone tells you to put the game down and come to dinner or bed tell them that:

  • They can improve motor skills
  • They can relieve pain
  • They can improve eyesight
  • They help you make faster decisions
  • They can tackle mental illnesses

Video games: they’re addictive, they make kids fat and they turn us all into trained murderers. Or, at least, that’s what we’re often told. But what of the positive effects of video games? Surely there must be some?

Yep, there are. Plenty, in fact.

via 5 Reasons Video Games Are Actually Good for You – IGN.

It has been a while since we have had a dedicated site but we are back! No more facebook, just our own site with discussion forums to boot! Does anyone even say that anymore?

My question to the community is what do you want to see from Maine Gamers? I know everyone wants a LAN party but no one is offering a location, Portland? Bangor? some place in between? I have all the equipment for a LAN and I know there are some others that do too. For me it comes down to the cost of renting a place to do it.