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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y were announced this morning during a Nintendo Direct hosted by none other than Mr. Satoru Iwata himself.

Pokemon X and Y are stated to hit the 3DS this October featuring a whole new batch of Pokemon to discover and capture to become the ultimate trainer!


The three starters have been shown off and named!


original (1)

original (2)

Here is the full trailer!


You may have heard of the popular indie game¬†Slender: The Eight Pages,¬†based on the Slenderman Creepy Pasta stories. It quickly gained popularity last year on account of the fear and loneliness that Slenderman stories are often loaded with, perfectly slipped into video-game form. Slender: The Arrival is a followup project with much higher production value compared to the previous game. It’s also going to cost money, but just watching the trailer reveals why – it contains much more than the previous one. Check out the trailer below, or follow the link below for more information.



Slender: The Arrival‘s Website

Today Sony Patented a new design to stop usage of games on more than one console. The patent itself basically describes a stamp on discs that the console will recognize and reply with data that restricts the disc to that console only.

We heard the same kind of rumors when the supposed “Orbis” was first leaked earlier this year. At the time, I felt that there was no way it would happen. I thought that it would effect too many people too quickly.

Boy, I’m starting to think I’m wrong.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, with it being the end of the school semester. I’ll be jumping back on the daily news train soon.

I would like to say, however, the terrible event of last week at Sandy Hook Elementary School is something that irks all of us. Remember, this isn’t about whether or not violence in games caused this tragedy, nor is it about whether we need more gun control or not. Take a moment to look at where you are right now, and make sure you’re not living in regret.

This awful tragedy is something we must learn from, and that starts with yourself. Take time to think before you act.

To those who lost their lives last week – Rest in Peace

A new trailer was shown at the VGAs for a mysterious and lightly discussed title called “The Phantom Pain.” Is this just Kojima messing with us? The evidence is there.

The trailer:

The Phantom Pain by milkandmolasses

The Evidence:

The Logo is hidden –

Volgin? –
Following the words “Open your eyes” Volgin appears?

Moby Dick Studios is Konami in disguise? –

Joakim (creator of Moby Dick Studios) is an anagram of Kojima?

>Check out even more evidence on the Neogaf here<

This is a personal favorite of mine, since Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls are two of my favorite games to ever exist!

Dark Souls 2 'Debut Trailer' – VGA 2012 by soapgoat

Apparently the story revolves around a new character as well as a brand new storyline. From Software reassured us the game will be the good old hard as sh*t game we all know and love. They also mentioned that the multiplayer will be server-based this time around. Excellent!

More on Dark Souls II when the time arises.

The Playstation 3 exclusive Journey is an amazing game, in fact, it’s a Game of the Year nominee from many sources. One thing I wasn’t expecting, however, was the soundtrack being nominated for a Grammy award. This is a huge step for gaming, because we have never before had a video game nominated for a Grammy award. Thatgamecompany should be proud of this honor, and we should all take a look at how this demonstrates how gaming is truly gaining momentum in the world outside of our community.